Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)

Head: Brigalia Bam (Chairperson)

The Independent Electoral Commission is a permanent body established by legislation to safeguard the constitutional rights of South Africans to vote in free and fair elections. The IEC was formed in 1993 in terms of the Constitution after negotiations opened the way for South Africa’s first democratic elections. The IEC’s objectives are:

  • To deliver free and fair elections in which all members of the electorate have the ability to make informed choices and exercise their rights to vote for their chosen parties;
  • and, to create a sustainable organisation with the ability to deliver an election for any level of government within six weeks.

Although the IEC is publicly funded and accountable to parliament, it is independent of the government.

The IEC’s role during the elections.

The brief of the IEC is to deliver regular, free and fair elections at all levels of government – national, provincial and local. It does this by:

  • Creating voting districts countrywide;
  • Managing all logistical arrangements for elections to be held;
  • Registering all eligible voters;
  • Ensuring the smooth running of the voting process; and,
  • Counting, verifying and anouncing election results.
 Electoral Institute of South Africa (EISA)

Head: Denis Kadima (Executive Director)

The Electoral Institute of Southern Africa is a non-profit organisation formed in 1996 that “strives for excellence in the promotion of credible elections, participatory democracy, human rights culture, and the strengthening of governance institutions for the consolidation of democracy in Africa.”

The institute’s vision is of an African continent where democratic governance, human rights and citizen participation are upheld in a peaceful environment.

South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR)

Head: John Kane-Berman (Chief Executive Officer)

The South African Institute of Race Relations is the leading independent research and policy organisation in South Africa. It was established in 1929 and has a “proud record of conducting and publishing cutting edge research and policy critiques”. The institute tracks trends in every area of South Africa’s development ranging from business and the economy, to crime, living conditions, and politics, compiling key data and analysis.

The SAIRR’s role during elections

Deputy Director Frans Cronje said: “We will keep doing what we do throughout the year. We will track trends regarding the elections.”

Institute for Democracy in South Africa (IDASA)

Head: Paul Graham (Principal Officer)

The Institute for Democracy in South Africa is an independent public interest organisation committed to promoting sustainable democracy based on active citizenship, democratic institutions, and social justice. The Institute engages in projects and activities covering the widst spectrum of democratic transition and consolidation.

Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

Head: Olive Shisana (President and CEO)

The Human Sciences Research Council is a statutory body that carries out research aimed at promoting development nationally, in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region and in Africa as a whole. The council has five research programmes focusing on various disciplines. One of these is the Democracy and Governance research programme headed by Dr Kwandi Kondlo. The HSRC is also responsible for the SA Social Attitudes Survey

The HSRC’s role during elections

The council is working with the IEC and conducting research on voter registration.

Electoral Volunteer opportunities in Cape Town

South Africa is always in need of volunteers to assist the Independent Electoral Commission during our local government and national elections that are held. A few extra sets of helpful hands can go a long way in making a very difficult job all that much easier.

There are many ways to offer your time or volunteer and use your skills to help those in need. There is an abundance of causes and projects to choose from, finding one that you would like to give your time or donations to can be a bit overwhelming. I have made up a list that give a broad look at what types of volunteer work is available and what would be involved in each recommendation. There are options to help the young or old, animals, services you can volunteer South Africa to improve the environment and various other ways you can get involved within your community.
Iris House
Iris house offers community based and hospice care to special needs children with life threatening illnesses or conditions. To help these children and families they rely on volunteer workers to aid in various aspects of the organization. Joining as a volunteer to Iris House offers you a way to give your time in a positive way and to develop friendships along the way.
Some of the areas you can get involved in are:
•    Somebody to help with driving
•    Volunteer for their reception area
•    Help with fundraising and events
•    Aid with gardening
•    Arts and crafts programme
•    Help with the online Hospice shop
These are only a few areas in which you can volunteer. Since this is a sensitive area to work in all volunteers are asked to send in a SAPS clearance with their application form. Obviously with any charity a donation is always welcome.
Contact: 021 910 1578
Friends of the Children’s Hospital Foundation
This is a voluntary support group that offers their services to the Red Cross Children’s hospital. Working with children you will have to undergo a screening and attend an orientation session before you can commence. You can then provide aid in their various programmes on offer such as reading and playing with the patients in the hospital. You can also help by donating goods which are then sold to raise money or you can provide families with food parcels and clothing.
Contact: 021 658 5243

Volunteering for Help2Read, here you can help disadvantaged primary school children who are struggling to read. When you volunteer for the Reading Helper programme, they offer free training which will help you to offer the needed support to the struggling child. After the training you will placed in a primary school that is affiliated with Help2Read organization. The Help2Read volunteer programme provides continuing support and encouragement for your reading sessions.
Contact: 021 930 3669
Greenprop offers volunteer opportunities to help save the environment by planting trees, food or vegetable garden planting and eco-education. This is a great way for school and corporates to get involved by planning a plant day and donating an indigenous tree. As an individual you can become involved by helping to plant trees at events or raise awareness and funds for the initiative. You can also join as an Intern where you can take part in the planting projects at their nursery and educational base. The internship is a dedicated full time 2 month period where you will be required to attend events and help raise funds amongst other duties.
Contact: 021 461 9265
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals (SPCA)
The SPCA is a favorite for many who wish to volunteer in South Africa. If you would like to make a difference in the life of a rescued and homeless furry friend then you might want to consider joining the SPCA as a volunteer. There are many ways in which you can offer assistance, by walking or exercising the dogs, grooming cats and cleaning cages. Have no time then you can offer food or gift donations towards the organization.  If you do participate, you will have to attend a volunteer orientation so you get to know the ins and outs of what you will be doing for the organization before signing up.
Contact: Cape Of Good Hope SPCA: 021 700 4140

Two Oceans Aquarium
Become an ocean ambassador at the Two Oceans aquarium, here you will complete a training course, which allows you to work on the floor helping to educate the visitors to the aquarium. After you complete some hours here you can also decide to help behind the scenes by penguin volunteering or offering aid with certain educational programmes.
Are you a scuba diver, you can also volunteer your time and help to clean the exhibits and feed the animals. In this case though, you do need a commercial code 4 license
Clean C
Clean C creates opportunities; through entrepreneurship, creating sustainable employment and educating as well as inspiring people.  One of their initiatives is doing community beach clean ups and is run on the first Saturday of every month for 90 minutes. Some of the beaches include, Blouberg, Melkbosstrand, Muizenberg, Gordan’s Bay, Big Bay and Sea Point to name a few. If you would like to give a hand with the beach clean ups or any one of their other programmes give them a call.
There are numerous places and organizations to choose from and these are just a few, you can also decide to donate blood, volunteer at the botanical gardens or volunteer at your local sports event. If you look you will find something that you enjoy doing and at the same you will be helping someone in need and improving your community.

All the Parties

African Christian Democratic Party

The ACDP is underpinned by Christian and family values. “We are determined to address issues such as education, unemployment, health care, security and poverty, based on proven successful policies.We aim to rebuild the foundation of the nation…

154 online supporters

African National Congress

The ANC was founded as a national liberation movement in 1912 to unite African people. For nine decades the ANC led the struggle against racism and oppression, organising mass resistance, mobilising the international community and taking up the armed…

0 online supporters

African People’s Convention

The African People’s Convention is underpinned by the philosophies of Pan-Africanism – a socio-political world view, which seeks to unify and uplift both native Africans and those of the African diasporas, as part of a “global African communi…

34 online supporters

Azanian People’s Organisation

AZAPO emerged from the ashes of the Black People’s Convention (BPC), South African Students’ Organisation (SASO) and Black Community Programmes (BCP) – some of the black consciousness organisations that were banned in 1977 for their…

626 online supporters

Congress of the People

The major catalyst for the party’s formation in 2008 was the forced resignation of former president Thabo Mbeki. Members of Mbeki’s cabinet handed in their resignations as a pledge of solidarity to the ousted president including then vice…

1381 online supporters

Democratic Alliance

“The Democratic Alliance’s vision is of a prosperous, Open Opportunity Society that is uniquely South African; in which every person is free, secure, and equal before the law; and in which everyone has the means to improve the quality of h…

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Freedom Front Plus

In the 1994 elections the Freedom Front, then barely a month old, came fourth after the ANC, the National Party and the Inkatha Freedom Party. Since the acceptance of the Constitution, the Freedom Front Plus has resolutely piloted actions …

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Independent Democrats

The Independent Democrats were formed by former Pan Africanist Congress member Patricia de Lille in 2003 via floor crossing legislation. The party’s platform is basically populist and anti-corruption, with a mixture of right-liberal propos…

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Inkatha Freedom Party

The Inkatha National Cultural Liberation Movement was founded on 21st March 1975 at KwaNzimela, in Northern KwaZulu. Inkatha emerged, along with the Black Consciousness Movement, to fill the vacuum in black politics caused by the banning of th…

3 online supporters

Minority Front

Though the party claims to represent the minorities of South Africa its support comes almost entirely from South Africa’s Indian community in Kwazulu-Natal.  The party stands for the absence of discrimination and inequality with regard to minori…

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National Alliance

“The National Alliance plans to play a leading role in redefining South African politics by bringing together a majority of all South Africans in a dynamic political movement based on proven core values and Christian norms a…

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National Democratic Convention

The National Democratic Convention (Nadeco) was formed in August 2005 by Ziba Jiyane, formerly of the IFP, during a floor crossing period. It advocates the moral regeneration of the people of South Africa, the upholding of family values and the prote…

1 online supporters

Pan African Congress of Azania

The PAC,  which was founded by Robert Sobukwe in 1959 and initiated a vigorous campaign against the hated pass laws of the apartheid government, aims to unite and rally the African people into one national front on the basis of African Nationali…

0 online supporters

United Christian Democratic Party

The UCDP is the official opposition in North West Province. Its vision is to be the leading party in uniting all South Africans, Christians and non-Christians alike, and to promote its Christian democratic principles. It believes in a federal system …

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